The Great Pink Elephant God

The Great Pink Elephant God Ganeshoo* welcomes all visitors to this his page of spirits enlightenment.

Ganeshoo  is the god of all holy spirits not just the pink ones with the little umbrella in them.  From the lowly waterned down Coors serned at Denver Bronco games to the Everclear used to spike the punch at a 90210 Senior Prom.  Ganeshoo doesn't favor one class of people more than any other, all can be eqaully picked in his name.

The pious follower can often summon Ganeshoo by imbibing of in copious amounts of his holly waters.  These holy fire waters can be found in more numerous and wonderful forms than the simple six fuchsia arms of the statue.  Goldshlager, Drambuie, Rumple Mintz, Blue Caraco, Bombay Sapphire, Yukon Jack, Galliano, Chartreuse, Jegermeister and anything by Ernest and Julio Gallo are favorites of Ganeshoo.  But even better are daring combinations such as Absolute Citron on the heals of Grand Marnier, Molson Golden, Jose Cuervo and Sutter Home Zinfandel (not necessarily in that order.)  After plying several and varied glasses of the appropriate waters of the high life hour after hour, the devout follower will usual be favored with a visit by Ganeshoo ...just before passing out or in the back of the ambulance on the way to the ER to get his/her stomach pumped.

In homage for the gift of a visit from the great Pink Elephant God it is customary to pray to a more common 'porcelain goddess' found in every household. 


*Ganeshoo  is a registered trandemark of Father Butch