Sister Hellen names names.  

              Gracssion This page is dedicated to the memory of Novice Sister Irma Grassion.  May your soul find joy and love with the Nuns of the Above!

Like all groups, some of us excel in different ways.  In the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, some Sisters are known for their public speaking abilities, some for the fabulous makeup and others are known for the incredible seamstress accomplishments. Sister Hellen is known for her ability to call people names; most specifically Sister and Saint names. Hellen has the distinction of naming more Sisters than any other nun and has the longest running list of SPI names.  Below are the newest names that Hellen has come up with, her favorite names and the full list of more than 1600.  That's 1 new name a week for 30 years straight!

This list is more than 21 years old!  It's first documented appearance on Hellen's website was February 1997; a couple years before I aquired the domain  It originally was 269 names long.

NOTE: I do not take suggestions or keep track of all the names Sisters might be using.  These are ONLY names I have personally come up with (or helped with.)  Some may already be taken by other SPI members without my knowledge. Other Sisters may have also come up with the same or similar names; that doesn't mean either of us is plagiarizing if we were unaware of it.

Sister Hellen Wheels, the Acting Superior Mother of the Daughters of the Divide Eruption
     aka Brother Sirus Lee, Abbot Adamn Heathen, Sister Hellen Warfare, Mother Superior Herculanium, Sister Auntie Chirsto, and Father Butch (not necessarily in that order)

Updated April, 2019

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