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Hellen's History

1988, November 27 - First appearance as Father Butch
1989, March - The Convent, Monastery & Brothel of Mt St Helen's is formed by the Imperial Court as it's official church with Father Butch as it's head.
1989, Oct - Fr. Butch turns over the church to Mother Superior Herculaneum.
1990, Oct - Sister Hellen Wheels is born and the Imperial church is rebranded as the daughters of the Divine Eruption.
1991 - Father Butch becomes a fully professed member of the Sisters
1993 - With Mother Superior Herculaneum still missing, Sister Hellen takes over as the Acting Superior Mother of the Daughter of the Divine Eruption.
1998 - Fr. Butch retires and turns over his duties to Abbott Adamn Heathen.
1999 - Hellen's web content is moved from a shared domain to the dedicated domain Hellen.org.
2014 - Hellen is elected VICE President of the SF House for the fifth and final time and is given the title of Prioress.
2014 - Bro Sirius Lee replaced Adamn Heathen and Fr Butch as Mon Senior of the Brothers of the Divine Eruption.
2015 - Hellen becomes a Sister Emeritus member of the Sisters of Prepetual Indulgence, Inc.
2018 - November 27 - Hellen and Sirius celebrate 30 years of service to ht eCommunity!