These images are all from the Order's 1996 trip to Washington DC for the "last complete showing" of the AIDS Quilt. These images represent the moments from the 4 days that had significance to me.
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prequilt.jpg preqlt2.jpg quiltcap.jpg
4scaptl.jpg deadnuns.jpg actupdc.jpg
stephn's.jpg sisqlt3.jpg sisqlt1.jpg
All images were taken by SPI members
Row 1:Sr. Dana, dawn on Sunday; Preparing for the display Thur. eve; The Mall from the Capitol
Row 2:Sisters Hellen, Dana, GiGi & Kitty on Capitol steps; Hellen, Dana, GiGi "die" in front of a pharmaceutical giant's doorway; The Nun's at the Actup Protest against AIDS drug price gouging
Row 3:Stephen L. Hatfield's panel; The Sisters' panels; The SPI panel & the Mall