Photography of Jean Baptiste Carhaix

The following images are some from the hundreds shot by JBC or Andre' as the Sisters know him. Andre' has been photographing the SF Order since 1980. His images have shown in several cities in the USA and have toured all over Europe. There are more images of Andre's in the other Galleries.

It is difficult to explain Andre's style of art. For one thing Andre's a very complex individual. His photography of the Sisters as well as sacred places of Europe and on several other subjects are generally meant to reach deep into the subjects at the same time give a worldly view of them. Very few photographers have pushed the Sisters so hard for art let alone up the side of cliffs in pumps! For anyone who is interested, the shots on Corona Heights that we have become so famous for do indeed require us to climb up one of two spires of rocks in stilettos, fishnet stocking and girdles. After we have ruined several dollars worth of garments, then we are expected to smile while we look directly into the sun trying to balance ourselves in 30 mile per hour winds holding several yards of fabric. Numerous times I thought that I was about to meet God personally (Andre's shoots are certainly spiritual!)

Sr. Hellen Wheels' "le Banquete" image from the 1994 European Exhibition. This is the first image of Sister Hellen Wheels as a SPI Nun.

Sister Hellen Wheels at Lincoln Park at the Golden Gate 1993.

Left to right: Sister Penny Costal, Sister Phyllis Stein, Sister Saki Tumi, Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, Sister Hellen Wheels, Sister Dana Van Iquity, Novice Rae Jean Homo. Shot at Corona Heights above the Castro in SF 1996

The same photo shoot as above.
Left to right: Postulant Ti, Sister Hellen Wheels, Sister Nada Christina. Again, shot at Corona Heights but drapped in holy black fabric, 1993.
Hellen does Corona Heights solo! (not for those inexperienced in pumps.) 1996
Sr. Hellen Wheels at Keizar Startium SF 1996
Same Sisters as images 1 & 2. Shot at entrance to Keizar Statium 1996.
Sr. Hellen Wheels poses near Keizar SF 1996.