Sister Hellen, The Naming Nun

This page is dedicated to the memory of Nov Sr Irma Gration; you are missed, Irma!

Sister Hellen’s page of names has returned after being removed more than a year ago in protest of some nuns’ attempts to weaponize it. To make it perfectly clear; Sisters’ names should be a source of joy, not tools in a power struggle between boards of directors for SPI Houses. After all, we are supposed to be bring joy to the universe, aren’t we?


Why are Sister Names so important?

A Sister's name is the second thing someone learns about a 21st Century Nun after they get over the shock of seeing them first time. First impressions are important.

Many people in Northern American and Europe find most of our names amusing and memorable. Yet some people are bound to be offended by every single one, if for no other reason than because we disturb their fragile sense of decorum! Lordy, some people have no sense of humor!! ... especially if they are overly sensitive about their religion or have hang-ups about sexuality. Too bad, because The Sisters have never shied away from a little controversy, and our names are a great way to get a conversation started. Some of our names may seem “in your face” or particularly offensive to certain people, but there is usually a story behind those choices. The names were chosen knowing they would make people ask questions. Other names only become controversial after society changes the way they view the words that make up the name. For example, “gay” only came to associated with homosexuals within the last few decades. Calling a happy man “gay” in 1930 wasn’t a statement on his sexuality.

My opinion is the Novice Mistress and the new member’s support team should advise new members on name choices and only offer alternative suggestions if the new member initially picks one that is notably inappropriate. Of course, a new member is free to take a name that has been suggested to them if they feel it works. I suggested the name Sister GiGi Fa’Q to my daughter while we were visiting Sisters Hellfire And Dalmatian and Cadie Lack of The Abbey of St Joan. We all laughed so hard when GiGi over emphasized the pronunciation, there was no going back.

If some Sisters are uncomfortable with another member’s name, they should start a civil conversation with them so that both parties can have a better understanding of the differences of opinion. Preferably a chat in person, or at least a talk over the phone. More often than not, Sisters will come to an agreed understanding.

I do not believe that any House has the right to dictate another SPI House’s members' names; especially when any controversy about the name has specifically been started by Sisters themselves. A name would have to be so egregiously offensive that no reasonable or prudent person could doubt that it had been chosen with the intent of ruining the Order’s reputation. Likewise, a House or Board shouldn’t overly meddle in their own member’s names. The appropriate tool that a House can use is the GM's vote on a member’s status. If a new member chooses a terrible name, they should not be allowed to progress. If a fully professed member tries to change their name to something truly vile, they can and should be censured.

What Makes A Good Name?

  There are aspects of a member’s name that should be considered when a new member is searching for one.

Humor: The best names are funny or just fun. Puns, spoonerisms, wordplay, or just silliness can be incorporated to make a name memorable. They can be obvious like Hellen Wheels, or a non-sequitur like Tuna Noodle Cocktail.

Personal: Good names are the ones that say something about the individual member who will be carrying it. Many Sisters have chosen names to poke light-hearted fun at institutions that oppressed them. Others chose names that speak to their sexuality or perceived race. Again, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other 21st century Orders of Nuns don’t shy away from starting conversations about race equality or religious oppression, nor should we. One of our main tenants is education.

Kid-Friendly: As Mistress of Novices, I more than once had the duty to inform a new member that the name they were considering didn’t meet SPI standards, as it could not be said in front of minors. Being bold is one thing, but the hypothetical name, Sister F*ck Off And Die would be too crass and derogatory to be allowed. A name like that brings no joy to anyone else and reduces the Sisterhood in the eyes of the community. Names can be risqué, as long as they can be shortened for family audiences; lots of Sisters only share their first names with children. To be honest, really vulgar names are a bore. Instead of delighting the public, they turn people off that should be allies of The Sisters.

Easy to Spell: I have lost track of the number of Sisters who complicated their ungodly long and complicated name never gets in print. Or, those that get upset because someone didn’t spell “Betttee” with three “Ts”. Long ago, I stopped obsessing when people misspell Hellen as “Helen” or “Hellon.” If that sort of thing bothers you, I suggest sticking to easily spelled names.

OK, enough lecturing.



All 1776 names below were created by Sister Hellen Wheels.

The "Original" List was started out of boredom on a Sister road trip to LA Pride in 1993. 
I don't take names from other sisters or add suggestions, even the funny ones! I have enough problems keeping track of the ones I come up with! Instead, I encourage Sisters to keep their own list. I know that some of the names below aren't the best, but that's the way it goes. Don't worry if you don't get some of them; the jokes can get a little arcane. Just try saying the name out loud before you move on.

Only names in BOLD are known by Hellen to be in use. (I'm sure there are more, but I stopped keeping track ages ago.)

NOTE: these names are for entertainment purposes and to help guide new members to choose one that fits their personality. They should never be used to force any member to change their name.

  1. Abbe' Lane [the E' Is Pronounced "Ay"]
  2. Abbe' Rhode
  3. Abbott Adamn Heathen
  4. Archbishop of Cuntaberry
  5. Bro. Acockalypso
  6. Bro. Aladin Leathers
  7. Bro. Angus Dei, Beef with God
  8. Bro. Austin Tacious
  9. Bro. Bacchus Forrealius
  10. Bro. Bo Jalay
  11. Bro. Buster Chopps
  12. Bro. Burt Offerings
  13. Bro. Ceasar Booty
  14. Bro. cZar Romero
  15. Bro. Chuck Bibles
  16. Bro. Chugger-not
  17. Bro. Christopher +
  18. Bro. Dameon Seed
  19. Bro. Damn Skippy
  20. Bro. Dick King Daddy
  21. Bro. Dick Tation
  22. Bro. Dig Bick
  23. Bro. Dixen Daddy
  24. Bro. Eddie Ocracy
  25. Bro. Ethel
  26. Bro. Evil Luction
  27. Bro. Firin the Whole
  28. Bro. Foster Peace
  29. Bro. George Harry Son
  30. Bro. Hal Eluia
  31. Bro. Harley Wood, Ann Vine
  32. Bro. Harry Mounds
  33. Bro. Ididarod or Two
  34. Bro. Ivan Ho-rific
  35. Bro. Jack Gough
  36. Bro. Jacques Ullar
  37. Bro. Joey Joy
  38. Bro. Kane N. Sable
  39. Bro. Kilroy Wazir
  40. Bro. Lee Love
  41. Bro. Les Steal Magnolias
  42. Bro. Lex Lutheran
  43. Bro. London Flog
  44. Bro. Manny Good Intentions
  45. Bro. Manuel de Sex
  46. Brother Mary, Motha a God
  47. Bro. Mary Saboysname [Bro Mary in SF]
  48. Bro. Mel Larky
  49. Bro. Mel Odious
  50. Bro. Nat's You're Boy
  51. Brother Nature
  52. Bro. Oscar Knight
  53. Bro. Owen to Rent
  54. Bro. Pok'er Chip
  55. Br.o Polish Myrod
  56. Bro.  Rocky Whorer
  57. Bro. Rolland DeJoint
  58. Bro. Sam Haim
  59. Bro. Sanctus Sacramonius
  60. Bro. Sirius Lee
  61. Bro. Sol Worship
  62. Bro. Spike Hertz
  63. Bro. Toulouse Morality
  64. Bro. Ukan Zarkoff
  65. Bro. Ulyssees Hotmen
  66. Bro. Willbe Nellie
  67. Canon Cannon
  68. Cleric Kent
  69. Deaken Dyke
  70. Dear Abbe'
  71. Fr. Al Cult Cymbals
  72. Fr. Andy Begat
  73. Fr. Andy Rose
  74. Fr. Art van Dell
  75. Fr. Austin Martini
  76. Fr. Big 'ol Me (Biggles)
  77. Fr. British R Cumming
  78. Fr. Butch
  79. Fr. Chevy Backseat
  80. Fr. Curly Bush
  81. Fr. Jose Queervo
  82. Fr Derek Nextume
  83. Fr. Dirty Oldman
  84. Fr. Drew Id
  85. Fr. Eldritch
  86. Fr. Enyo Dreams!
  87. Fr. ExSavior
  88. Father Dada
  89. Fr. Dick Tator
  90. Fr. Flash In The Pants
  91. Fr. Flick
  92. Fr. Frances Fullofrogs [Sorry Gigi, the devil made me do it!]
  93. Guard Frank-Lee Scarlett
  94. Fr. Frank N. Earnest
  95. Fr. Furry Fury
  96. Fr. Grant Absolution
  97. Fr. Jack Rogers
  98. Fr Jeri Assic
  99. Fr. Harry Balzac
  100. Fr. Head Nurse
  101. Fr. Hoosier Daddy
  102. Fr. Iz In Zane
  103. Fr. Knowles Best
  104. Fr. Marc Myword
  105. Fr. Marcus Tardy
  106. Fr. Meat Your Maker
  107. Fr. Mel Adjusted
  108. Fr. Mel Content
  109. Fr. Merlin Monroe
  110. Fr. Moe Everything!
  111. Fr. Mt Smen
  112. Fr. Myra Cockrin Hertz
  113. Fr. Noah Veil (Guard in Palm Springs Sisters)
  114. Fr. Otto Da Fey
  115. Fr. Otto Erotic
  116. Fr. Otto Yomind
  117. Fr. Papa Woody
  118. Fr. Paul Mine Herr
  119. Fr. Perry Dox
  120. Fr. Pesto Lance, of the Four Whore'smen of the Apocolysp
  121. Fr. Pontif Andorbut
  122. Fr. Pop N Circumstance
  123. Fr. Prunella FauxFella
  124. Fr. Rob Everybody
  125. Fr. Roman Backalleys
  126. Fr. Romeo Sapien
  127. Fr. Rubin Harry Blass
  128. Fr. Scott Free
  129. Fr. Sinbad Lovegood
  130. Fr. Sir Men of Sin
  131. Fr. Skip Church
  132. Fr. Snoggin Backseat
  133. Fr. Sol Ace
  134. Fr. Stu, da Backer
  135. Fr. Teryn Arountown
  136. Fr. Thurstan Hunger
  137. Fr. Totsie Pops
  138. Fr. Vern Al Equanox
  139. Fr. Vin Detta
  140. Fr. Will O the Whips
  141. Fr. X-Mass Hysteria
  142. Friar Chicken Breasts
  143. Friar Tuck Tan Taped
  144. Guard Al Fresco
  145. Guard Al Naturale
  146. Guard Aladin Everyport
  147. Guard Arnie Geddon
  148. Guard Armin Hammer
  149. Guard Art Imitates Low-Life
  150. Guard Asgard
  151. Guard Avrie Holepuncher
  152. Guard Beef Ifty Too
  153. Guard Barry Ballzdeep
  154. Guard Beni Bidi Bitchi
  155. Guard Bi-Juan, get Juan Free
  156. Guard Biff Strokenoff
  157. Guard Billy Club
  158. Guard Blew Boys
  159. Guard Boysters Rockefeller
  160. Guard Buck Fuddy
  161. Guard Buttweight Their S'More
  162. Guard Carnie Vour
  163. Guard Chase Dixon-Butts
  164. Guard Chase Glory
  165. Guard Chip Nails
  166. Guard Coma-Toast of the Town
  167. Guard Corry Ollis
  168. Guard Dam Matt!
  169. Guard Danube Lumia Way
  170. Guard Dark Secrets
  171. Guard Dawg Wood
  172. Guard Dean of the Unconventional
  173. Guard Dean The Righteous
  174. Guard Dick Wrangler
  175. Guard Dick Tatter
  176. Guard Dicker Ound
  177. Guard Do Dads
  178. Guard Donkey Hotie
  179. Guard Drew the Longstraw
  180. Guard Earl from Epanema
  181. Guard Ed Love
  182. Guard Edgar Allen Poo Bear
  183. Guard Edgar Beaver
  184. Gaurd Enov Delights
  185. Guard Erma Guard!
  186. Guard Ewen Cry, Death to Bigotry
  187. Guard Excala Bear ( Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  188. Guard Fapper Handcock
  189. Guard for the love of one hung Chad
  190. Guard George Clownie
  191. Guard Gillo Teen
  192. Guard Goldenrod
  193. Guard Goode Knight
  194. Guard Gorge Ho, the Mary Oh!
  195. Guard Gothic Peter
  196. Guard Gracias Greener, on the Otherside
  197. Guard Great Scott
  198. Guard Gropper Freely
  199. Guard Harry Bang
  200. Guard Harry Schnitzel
  201. Guard Herb Connoisseur
  202. Guard Heath Enright
  203. Guard Heath N. Rights
  204. Guard Hoe Beau
  205. Guard Homer Erotic
  206. Guard Ho'ratio is ten to one
  207. Guard Horus Pimpus
  208. Guard Hung like Donkey Hotie
  209. Guard Ian Angel
  210. Guard Iben Wicked
  211. Guard the Incredible Bulk
  212. Guard Inky, The Night Knight
  213. Guard Inner Bear
  214. Guard It Cetera
  215. Guard Irru Matcho
  216. Guard Ivan Itchtascratch
  217. Guard Izzy Hard (or Izzy Strange)
  218. Guard Izzy Insane
  219. Guard Jack Harder
  220. Guard Jack King
  221. Guard Jack Sin
  222. Guard James Bondage
  223. Guard Jeez, Us!
  224. Guard Jerry Chubalee
  225. Guard Jim Workout
  226. Guard Jimmy Changa
  227. Guard Joan of Nark
  228. Guard John Darm
  229. Guard Joe Mama!
  230. Guard Joe Nafark
  231. Guard Juan Megatonn
  232. Sr. Kali! Flower
  233. Guard Kirk Fuffle
  234. Guard Lava Boy
  235. Guard Lava Man in a Uniform
  236. Guard Leather B. Lite
  237. Guard Les Pettiness
  238. Guard Les Reality
  239. Guard Lesco Todabar
  240. Guard Locken Lord
  241. Guard Lion Bastard
  242. Guard Lock n' Lord
  243. Guard Lookout!
  244. Guard Lord of the Flings
  245. Guard Luke Warmheart
  246. Guard Ma Hat Ma Ganga
  247. Guard Macho Pichu
  248. Guard Mack Guyver
  249. Guard Mack Lavelli
  250. Guard Major Arcana
  251. Guard Major Perv
  252. Guard Manuel Labor
  253. Guard Mark Allred, the Copper Top (he just keeps going and going)
  254. Guard Marco, The Beast
  255. Guard Max Macho
  256. Guard Max Peters
  257. Guard Max Thrust
  258. Guard Mephisto Yourendo
  259. Guard Mike Hunt
  260. Guard Moe Caring
  261. Guard Moe-Nick Alewinsky
  262. Guard Monte Crisco
  263. Guard Moredicki 8
  264. Guard Midic Gruesome
  265. Guard Myron The View
  266. Guard Nealan Service
  267. Guard Nicker Virginity
  268. Guard Nobales Nordic
  269. Guard Noel Moe Lester de Gatto
  270. Guard OhSo Oso
  271. Guard Olibear Twist
  272. Guard Optimist Prime
  273. Guard Otho Pedic
  274. Guard Otter B. Fun
  275. Guard Paul Myfinger
  276. Guard Pete Bogg (the well preserved)
  277. Guard Peter Marshall
  278. Guard Peter Mt Sasses
  279. Guard Peter Pandering
  280. Guard Pimpy the Elder
  281. Guard Puck Yew
  282. Guard Randy Tonight
  283. Guard Ragna Rockin'
  284. Guard Ranger in Paradise
  285. Guard Raunch Myrocket
  286. Guard Redheaded Wood Pecker
  287. Guard Rich Spirit
  288. Guard Ringo Deathstar
  289. Guard Rock Bottom
  290. Guard Rocky N Bulltinkle
  291. Guard Rod N. Tackle
  292. Guard Rufeeus, the Lost Knight (yes, I know it's terribly poor taste, but so are many names that pop into my head!)
  293. Guard Russian Nowhere
  294. Guard Rusty Cockrin'
  295. Guard Rusty Rod
  296. Guard Ryan Scotch
  297. Guard Sea Man
  298. Guard Scott Free
  299. Guard Sir Pent, Lord of Temptation
  300. Guard Sodo Mia
  301. Guard Scooby Doomee
  302. Guard Sol Ace
  303. Guard Sol T. Ballika
  304. Guard Son of a Birch Society (Sonny)
  305. Guard Stewart Goodpeoples
  306. Guard Strawberry Shotsnake
  307. Guard Storm Bruin
  308. Guard Studly Doewright
  309. Guard Studmuffin Topp
  310. Guard Ted D. Bare
  311. Guard Tim Buck II
  312. Guard Theo Pressed
  313. Guard Thor Nipplth, of the Noble Assgard
  314. Guard Titan Harry
  315. Guard Titus Anytush
  316. Guard Todd Dre
  317. Gruard Torque' Mada, the Inquisative General
  318. Guard Toulouse LaTrick
  319. Guard Tucker Back
  320. Guard Urbane Legend
  321. Guard Usa Major Fetish
  322. Guard Wally Nuts
  323. Guard Warren Peace
  324. Guard Warren T Forrest
  325. Guard Whatsit Tooya
  326. Guard Whippersnatch
  327. Guard Willie Wank'a
  328. Guard Willis Williedo
  329. Guard Wolfgang Alma Diaz Moe's Art
  330. Guard Woody Blowhard
  331. Guard Yves of Destruction
  332. Guard Zero Fox Given
  333. Mother Superior Herculaneum
  334. Pontfex Maximus Overdrive
  335. Pope Friday XIII
  336. Pope Goes, the Weasel
  337. Pope Joan Smone
  338. Pope Urban Sprawl
  339. Priestess Diana-Isis, the Green Goddess
  340. Pryor Commitment
  341. Reverend Mother Ducker, the Auto Correct
  342. Sr. A. Yay Itch Bay
  343. Sr. Abby Cadabra
  344. Sr. Abbess Sinion
  345. Sr. Abbey Cummin Around the Mountain (When I cum)
  346. Sr. Acceleratta Pleasuregod
  347. Sr. Achilies Heels
  348. Sr. Accordia Cacaphonia/Discordia Concordia (Sr AC/DC)
  349. Sr. Ada Van Dyke
  350. Sr. Adaca Rena
  351. Sr. Adicta Remember
  352. Sr. Agathina Bragatoria Ubermost
  353. Sr. Agnes of God Zilla
  354. Sr. Agusta Wind
  355. Sr. Ahard Rhoda Ho
  356. Sr. Alice Fairin Lovenwar
  357. Sr. Alice House
  358. Sr. Alice in Wonderbread
  359. Sr. Ainta Saint
  360. Sr. All hail Satin!, of the Rayon Cross
  361. Sr. Alla Flutter 
  362. Sr. Allie Cruiser
  363. Sr. Allie Lu, Ya!
  364. Sr. Ally Katz
  365. Sr. Alma of God
  366. Sr. Almira Folsom-Gulch
  367. Sr. Aloha Oy!, the Hawaiian Jewish Princess
  368. Sr. Altar Ego
  369. Sr. Amana de Peoples
  370. Sr. Amana de Collar
  371. Sr. Amber Ale
  372. Sr. Ambrosia, Fruit of the Gods
  373. Sr. Americana Whorer Story
  374. Sr. Amen Joy
  375. Sr. Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Citrine Amber Ruby
  376. Sr. Amira Reflection
  377. Sr. Anal Receptive
  378. Sr. Anarkie Skywanker
  379. Sr. Andorra Brother
  380. Sr. Angel Black
  381. Sr. Angela Elevation
  382. Sr. Angelica De Mon
  383. Sr. Ann A Theist
  384. Sr. Ann Athema
  385. Sr. Ann Bowl'n, A. Spare  
  386. Sr. Ann Elk 
  387. Sr. Ann Noi Ying
  388. Sr. Ann Obtuse Angel
  389. Sr. Ann of a Thousand Gays 
  390. Sr. Anna Rexsll!
  391. Sr. Annette Fun 'N Jello
  392. Sr. Annie May, the Cartoon F*cker
  393. Sr. Annie Thing Buttlove
  394. Sr. Anita Buck  
  395. Sr. Annoya Bigtime
  396. Sr. Anny Conda
  397. Sr. Anny Hole in a Port  
  398. Sr. Anny Theist
  399. Sr. Anny Timesfine
  400. Sr. Anomaly Wouldn't Do This
  401. Sr. Anti Matter To You?
  402. Sr. April Fool's Paradise
  403. Sr. April Ham Lincoln
  404. Sr. April-May May-Knott
  405. Sr. April Whine
  406. Sr. Aquanetta Lung
  407. Sr. Aquanetta the Stiff Top
  408. Sr. Aria 51
  409. Sr. Armageddon Again  
  410. Sr. Armageddon Randy  
  411. Sr. Arewee Deryet
  412. Sr. Ashly Wednesday (San Diego Sisters) 
  413. Sr. Atta Control 
  414. Sr. Attica Troll
  415. Sr. Athena Beauty
  416. Sr. Auburn Bush
  417. Sr. Audamn Itahell
  418. Sr. Aunt E. Christ
  419. Sr. Auntie Christo 
  420. Sr. Aurora Boring All Us
  421. Sr. Aurora de Crowd
  422. Sr. Ava Riss of the Coveting Convent
  423. Sr. Ava Tar, Goddess on Earth
  424. Sr. Awe Love
  425. Sr. B&D, the Knotty Nun
  426. Sr. Babbline Brooke
  427. Sr. Babe SLincoln
  428. Sr. Babs N Boyland
  429. Sr. Badella Britney
  430. Sr. Balistic Lipstic  
  431. Sr. Ballet Who?
  432. Sr. Banshee-He from Hell  
  433. Sr. Barb Arian  
  434. Sr. Barb-Eric Rituals
  435. Sr. Barbarella Rainbow Umbrella
  436. Sr. Barbwire Streisand
  437. Sr. Barina Miracle
  438. Sr. Barona Sidestreet
  439. Sr. Bay Bae Dole
  440. Sr. Bea a Trieste
  441. Sr. Bea Attify  (Sr. Bea Attitude in SF)
  442. Sr. Bea Elsey Bubb  
  443. Sr. Bea Noble
  444. Sr. Bea Stinger  
  445. Sr. Bea Csar
  446. Sr. Beelzabozo
  447. Sr. Bell Damn!
  448. Sr. Bella Book Ann Candle
  449. Sr. Bella Donna Gay Apparel
  450. Sr. Bella Donna Knight Shade of Blue  
  451. Sr. Belle View  
  452. Sr. Benda Star
  453. Sr. Bennie Gezzy Rit
  454. Sr. Bertha Christ (Abbey of St Joan)
  455. Sr. Beryl O'Monkies
  456. Sr. Bess Tinshow
  457. Sr. Betta Dan Nun!
  458. Sr. Betta' Thanthou
  459. Sr. Betty Balz
  460. Sr. Betty Sabottom  
  461. Sr. Betty Sgotta Bigone  
  462. Sr. Betty Trouble
  463. Sr. Beyonda Doubt
  464. Sr. Beyonda Veil, the Medium at Large
  465. Sr. Bi-Buy
  466. Sr. Bicked Bitch of the Best
  467. Sr. Biondka Pear
  468. Sr. Bitter Mellons
  469. Sr. Bjorn Again
  470. Sr. Blackbird Of Unhappiness (Birdie)
  471. Sr. Black Narsisus  
  472. Sr. Blamange DuBoise
  473. Sr. Blanca Noire
  474. Sr. Blast Femmy  
  475. Sr. Blessed Little Tart [B.L.T.]
  476. Sr. Bloomia Kiss
  477. Sr. Blondie Bush
  478. Sr. Blondie Murner
  479. Sr. Blueday Brilliant!
  480. Sr. Bon Bon Ice Queen 
  481. Sr. Bonnie Doom 
  482. Sr. Bonny Venture
  483. Sr. Booka Revlon Nations
  484. Sr. Booty Call of the Wild
  485. Sr. Booty Licious
  486. Sr. Bra Vado
  487. Sr. Brandy Alexander
  488. Sr. Brandy Ann Soda
  489. Sr. Brandy, Sniffed Her!
  490. Sr. Bridget Bourdaux
  491. Sr. Bridget Toofar
  492. Sr. Buffy Buffy (Sr Buffy inLA SPI)
  493. Sr Buffy Buffet, of the All You Can Eat Abbey
  494. Sr. Bullah. Bullah? Bullah?
  495. Sr. Bunny Coats
  496. Sr. Byrdie Gunn
  497. Sr. Cala Fornia Kate
  498. Sr. Calie Yenta, the Hot Jewish Momma from south of the boarder!
  499. Sr. Califa Amazonia
  500. Sr. Califhorny
  501. Sr. Calla d'Wilde
  502. Sr. Cameo Flage
  503. Sr. Camille Lot
  504. Sr. Candice B-real?
  505. Sr. Candy Cain, The DeAbler
  506. Sr. Candy Graham
  507. Sr. Candy S. Dandy, But Liquor ...
  508. Sr. Canoly Hope
  509. Sr. Cantata, Can you?
  510. Sr. Caprice Trieste
  511. Sr. Caressa DeWhip
  512. Sr. Carloda Clowns
  513. Sr. Carman Getit
  514. Sr. Carmelite Apple 
  515. Sr. Caro Recens
  516. Sr. Carol, the Ancient Yuletide Troll
  517. Sr. Carol Chanting
  518. Sr. Carrie Cross 
  519. Sr. Carrie Ewer Ownweight
  520. Sr. Cassy Nova, our Lady Killa
  521. Sr. Cathy Lick  
  522. Sr. Catrina Catclaws
  523. Sr. Celene Indulgences
  524. Sr. Celeste el Temple
  525. Sr. Celine Lady's Lingerie
  526. Sr. Cecelia Canth
  527. Sr. Celia Fate  (Nov Cecelia Fate in SF)
  528. Sr. Ceres of Fortunate Events
  529. Sr. Champain and Suffering (SF House)
  530. Sr. Char 'da Nay-tion
  531. Sr. Char Ming Dynasty
  532. Sr. Char Truce, of the Whores of a Different Color
  533. Sr. Charity Case
  534. Sr. Charlotta Vices
  535. Sr. Charlotte Ton
  536. Sr. Charon Cher Alike
  537. Sr. Chased, Round N. Round  
  538. Sr. Chastity Belts one Down  
  539. Sr. Chastity Nevermore
  540. Sr. Cheeky Sneaky
  541. Sr. Cheese Louise
  542. Sr. Cheyenne Modest
  543. Sr. Chic Chick
  544. Sr. Chic 'n Little
  545. Sr. Chic Yabooty
  546. Sr. Chiquita Manana
  547. Sr. Cinta Lation
  548. Sr. Cine Easter
  549. Sr. Cinna Stir
  550. Sr. Claire Voyeur, Spiritual see-er of consensual dalliances
  551. Sr. Claris Crystal
  552. Sr. Claire De Lune E.
  553. Sr. Clamidia Begone
  554. Sr. Cleopatra Nizing
  555. Sr. Climaxia Mt Joy
  556. Sr. Cloe Sweet
  557. Sr. Cockatoo Fabulous!
  558. Sr. Cocka Mae Mae
  559. Sr. Coco Channel, of the Chocolate Rhim
  560. Sr. Coka Koala
  561. Sr. Colormae Surprised
  562. Sr. Columbina
  563. Sr. Closet Like Narnia (sr. Narnia)
  564. Sr. Covfefe Aqenbpuu
  565. Sr. Confushia Colored Enlightenment
  566. Sr. Conjuina Demon
  567. Sr. Connie Fuchsias  
  568. Sr. Connie Lingus 
  569. Sr. Connie Sewer
  570. Sr. Connie the Masses  
  571. Sr. Consuetio Auctoritas
  572. Sr. Consuetio Thou   
  573. Sr. Cookie Duster
  574. Sr. Copalatta Attitude
  575. Sr. Copulatta Menn
  576. Sr. Corra Net
  577. Sr. Coral Reefer
  578. Sr. Cordelia Dissonant
  579. Sr. Cougar Ondaluce
  580. Sr. Crazy Whores
  581. Sr. Crema Rizing Ta-da Top
  582. Sr. Crem Della s'Cream
  583. Sr. Cruzina Tearoom
  584. Sr. Cruisy Fix
  585. Sr. Curzina Alley
  586. Sr. Crystal Glasscock
  587. Sr. Crystal Methodist
  588. Sr. Cultivata Badhabit
  589. Sr. Cumquat May
  590. Sr. Cycledelic
  591. Sr. Czar Fabulous!
  592. Sr. Daffodil Doe
  593. Sr. Dame Difyado, Dame Difyadont
  594. Sr. Dana Half Sober
  595. Sr. Dana Life of a Nun
  596. Sr. Danielle Boone Wasaman
  597. Sr. Darling Sweetie-Darling
  598. Sr. Darwina, the Supernatural Selection
  599. Sr. Daya Dee
  600. Sr. Daya Judgement
  601. Sr. Daya The Dad
  602. Sr. Deadpan Dora
  603. Sr. Dear Prude Dance
  604. Sr. De Lie La Grande   
  605. Sr. Dear Lerious
  606. Sr. Debbi Taunt
  607. Sr. Debbie Tzign
  608. Sr. Dee Ablo  
  609. Sr. Dee Botchery  
  610. Sr. Dee Ceatful  
  611. Sr. Dee Iddy  
  612. Sr. Dee Jure  
  613. Sr. Dee Lay 
  614. Sr. Dee Mann
  615. Sr. Dee Vine Intervention
  616. Sr. Deepa Diva
  617. Sr. Delia A Bad Hand
  618. Sr. Delila Kadog
  619. Sr. Dell Lectable
  620. Sr. Della Katessin
  621. Sr. Den-Eyes Everything
  622. Sr. Denise the Menace
  623. Sr. Dezdadmona Al Knight
  624. Sr. Desira Fection (of the Orlando Order)
  625. Sr. Deepin, the Heart on Texas
  626. Sr. Devina Schnitzel (of the Orlando Order)  
  627. Sr. Dez Aster Aria
  628. Sr. Dharmna Suprise, the Ohm My Goddess
  629. Sr. Diabolique All
  630. Sr. Diane 2 Meetcha  
  631. Sr. Diesire Diez-Illa, of the Soviet Sanctum in FaVilla
  632. Sr. Dillis Philler-Fuller
  633. Sr. Disillusions O'grandure
  634. Sr. Dis Bear
  635. Sr. Dis Grace, Dat Grace
  636. Sr. Diva 8
  637. Sr. Diva Nation
  638. Sr. Divine & Concur   
  639. Sr. Divine O'cult
  640. Sr. Divine Rosary Job  
  641. Sr. Divine Whoreship
  642. Sr. Dixie Cupps (D. Cupps)  
  643. Sr. Dizzipline  
  644. Sr. Dolly Llama  
  645. Sr. Dona Cara
  646. Sr. Donetha Apple
  647. Sr. Donna Creation (originally given to Sr. Eva Destruction as an evil twin name, now in full use by the Seattle Abbey)
  648. Sr. Donna Eis Requiem
  649. Sr. Donna Gay Apparel
  650. Sr. Donna Mankind
  651. Sr. Donna Makemilaugh
  652. Sr. The Donna Party
  653. Sr. Donna Play With Fire
  654. Sr. Donna Readerbeads
  655. Sr. Dora-Amy Fosolati (Doh!)
  656. Sr. Dora To Anothaworld
  657. Sr. Doe-Ray Mi Falceto
  658. Sr. Doris Dayity  [spoken for]
  659. Sr. Doris Wideopen
  660. Sr. Dorris iSay, Nota Ziedoo
  661. Sr. DoryAnn Grey
  662. Sr. Dosie D'oh!
  663. Sr. Dove Hawk
  664. Sr. Drag Grace
  665. Sr. Drag N.' Fly
  666. Sr. Drag 'n Lady
  667. Sr. Dred Snapper
  668. Sr. Drusilla Vanilla
  669. Sr. Dulcedo Aegra
  670. Sr. Dolce Ann Banana
  671. Sr. Dotty Ann Strange of the Luna See
  672. Sr. Dusty Binz
  673. Sr. Dysnomia ???
  674. Sr. Dystopia Vista
  675. Sr. Eadi Meaty
  676. Sr. Early To Bed Is Worth 2 In The Bush
  677. Sr. Eartha Lee Delights
  678. Sr. East-Star Eggs
  679. Sr. Eatie Gourmand
  680. Sr. Ecru Menical, of the Whores of a Different Color
  681. Sr. Edda Priest (this is a triple entendre, but a bit esoteric unless you speak Islandic)
  682. Sr. Edel VICE
  683. Sr. Edith Myflesh
  684. Sr. Effie Vesent
  685. Sr. Eidel VICE
  686. Sr. Eileen Right  
  687. Sr. El-Roi Wazhere
  688. Sr. Eleanor Rugby
  689. Sr. Electra Complexion
  690. Sr. Electra City
  691. Sr. Electra Cute
  692. Sr. Electra Q. Ting
  693. Sr. Electric Tourettets
  694. Sr. Elfira Dragonsmoke
  695. Sr. Elisabliss Taylor
  696. Sr. Elixir Nightly
  697. Sr. Ella Vador, Daughter of the Thith Lord
  698. Sr. Ellen Degenerates
  699. Sr. Ellie Fant
  700. Sr. Elvira Mentalist
  701. Sr. Ema Nemm, The Sweet "melts in your mouth or in your hand"
  702. Sr. Emma Peal Out  
  703. Sr. Emmy Nence
  704. Sr. Endora Fenn
  705. Sr. Ennui Go
  706. Sr. Enya Deep
  707. Sr. Envyenna Habit
  708. Sr. Enya Face, Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable (Sr Enya of the Music City Sisters)
  709. Sr. Epiphany of Lust
  710. Sr. Era Besque
  711. Sr. Era Distinction
  712. Sr. Erin on the Sida God
  713. Sr. Eris Human
  714. Sr. Ermin on the Mount
  715. Sr. Ernestine Thought'ndeed
  716. Sr. Esiritu Ript  
  717. Sr. Esiritu Saused  
  718. Sr. Esiritu Tanked  
  719. Sr. Esprit de Hardcor
  720. Sr. Estar Williams
  721. Sr. Ethica Lea Banckrupt
  722. Sr. Esther Jen Therapy
  723. Sr. Ethel Alcohol
  724. Sr. Ethel Spirits
  725. Sr. Eugenia Us
  726. Sr. Eulilla Karugg (formerly Lilac Karugg)
  727. Sr. Europa Stud
  728. Sr. Eva Jing Angel
  729. Sr. Eve Angelist
  730. Sr. Eve El Salvador
  731. Sr. EveElla Monkstus
  732. Sr, Evelyn Carnate
  733. Sr. Eve Illusion Ist
  734. Sr. Eve L. Omen
  735. Sr. Everyone Knows Nada
  736. Sr. Everything Phaedra Black
  737. Sr. Ewe R. Hear
  738. Sr. Exilerata Maxima
  739. Sr. Fabulotta Exsex
  740. Sr. Fabulotta Suprima  De Overboard
  741. Sr. Faith Inhumanity
  742. Sr. Faith Izabitch
  743. Sr. Famine Fortune, of the Four Whore'smen of the Apocolysp
  744. Sr. Fannie Bustle
  745. Sr. Fanny de Flames of Desire
  746. Sr. Fairy Well, My Faerie Fae
  747. Sr. Fanny Powers
  748. Sr. Faun Overstags
  749. Sr. Farah-Lee Sane
  750. Sr. Fatal Sins  
  751. Sr. Faux Good  
  752. Sr. Fawn Dell  (Sr. Fawn Dell Maibalz of  Palm Springs)
  753. Sr. Fecunda Ditty
  754. Sr. Fedora Rimfeather
  755. Sr. Fella-she, Ohh!
  756. Sr. Felicia Good
  757. Sr. Felicity Soliciting  
  758. Sr. Femina Caedes
  759. Sr. Femme0Fey Tal
  760. Sr. Fifi Middlesex
  761. Sr. Flame of the Burning Bridge
  762. Sr. Fleur Tation
  763. Sr. Fiat Lux
  764. Sr. Flava Crystals
  765. Sr. Flippin de Byrdie
  766. Sr. Flo With the Go  
  767. Sr. Flor Delay
  768. Sr. Flore Horsemen
  769. Sr. Floren Erback, With Er Legs in the Air
  770. Sr. Florence of Arabria
  771. Sr. Floss Between Men
  772. Sr. Flower Peddles Freelove
  773. Sr. Fluffer Ann Nutter
  774. Sr. Fonda Gaywood
  775. Sr. Force Marjore'
  776. Sr. Forma Regina   
  777. Sr. Forna Kate
  778. Sr. Fortuna Fame
  779. Sr. Fox Populi
  780. Sr. Freda Callous
  781. Sr. Freeda Knight  
  782. Sr. Freeda Lay 
  783. Sr. Freekola
  784. Sr. Freesia Balzoff
  785. Sr. Fresca Carne
  786. Sr. Freya Lastnerve
  787. Sr. Fridgida
  788. Sr. Frigg Ingrate!
  789. Sr. Fun D. Mentalist
  790. Sr. Furrtility Wright
  791. Sr. Gabby Verbosa
  792. Sr. Gagnus of God  
  793. Sr. Ganshna Ganga
  794. Sr. Gayl Warning
  795. Sr. Gena Sis
  796. Sr. Gegis Connie
  797. Sr. Georgina Nunshabit
  798. Sr. Geisha Sensatia
  799. Sr. Getta Grip  
  800. Sr. Getta Life  
  801. Sr. Getta Way  
  802. Sr. Gidget Goes To Hell
  803. Sr. GiGi Fa 'Q the French Whore
  804. Sr. Gimmie Somoa Goodlovin
  805. Sr. Gina Tonic the Sparkling
  806. Sr. Ginger Ale el Lou Yah!
  807. Sr. Ginger Candy
  808. Sr. Ginger Root (of all evil) [i just provided the tag]
  809. Sr. Ginny Pig
  810. Sr. GladAss of the Joyerus Reserrectum
  811. Sr. Glendora Glen Ross
  812. Sr. Gloria Bea On High
  813. Sr. Gloria Deo Judgment
  814. Sr. Gloria Eggshell Sees Dayglow
  815. Sr. Gloria Whole  (Nov Sr Gloria Wholly)
  816. Sr. Gloriosa Mucho Grossa
  817. Sr. Goda Heck
  818. Sr. Golda Myearring
  819. Sr. Goldie Hawnkers
  820. Sr. Goldy Locks & Chains
  821. Sr. Good Moanin Darling
  822. Sr. Goody Two Gods
  823. Sr. Goanna Bender
  824. Sr. Gonna Roundabend
  825. Sr. Göttin Trouble
  826. Sr. Gothica Cathedral
  827. Sr. Gozer Ownways
  828. Sr. Grabda Ankles
  829. Sr. Grace Fullrecovery
  830. Sr. Grace Fulovit
  831. Grace is Greener on the other side
  832. Sr. Grace Land
  833. Sr. Grace Less
  834. Sr. Grace Lick
  835. Sr. Gracia Knoll
  836. Sr. Gracie Fallstep
  837. Sr. Grand Vizier Brazier
  838. Sr. Growna Nucherry
  839. Sr. Guerilla My Dreams
  840. Sr. Gurlina Bofina Fe Fi, Faux Fina
  841. Sr. Hail Satin! 
  842. Sr. Hailie Mary
  843. Sr. Halvala Taquilla
  844. Sr. Hamsa Luncheonmeat
  845. Sr. Hanna Barbaric
  846. Sr. Harla Davidson
  847. Sr. Harla Quinn
  848. Sr. Harmonia Discordia
  849. Sr. Harlot Johanson
  850. Sr. Harriet of the Gods
  851. Sr. Harrietta BBC
  852. Sr. Harry Popins
  853. Sr. Hastar Lavista
  854. Sr. Hava Natha Taquilla  
  855. Sr. Have It Yahweh
  856. Sr. Hazel NutLiquior
  857. Sr. Heather Sailor
  858. Sr. Hebe Hottie
  859. Sr. Hedone Maxima
  860. Sr. Hedra Sexual, "the Nun Too Straight" (I only added the tag)
  861. Sr. Hedwig Crotchmerkin
  862. Sr. Heidi Sausage
  863. Sr. Heidie Hohl
  864. Sr. Heidi Youngmen
  865. Sr. Hell O'Kitty
  866. Sr. Hellen Warefare (aka Hellen Wheels)
  867. Sr. Hellen Wheels, Acting Superior Mother of the Daughters of the Divine Eruption
  868. Sr. Hellloooo Nurse!
  869. Sr. HelOn Earth
  870. Sr. Hellyanona Harley
  871. Sr. Hello Mynamis
  872. Sr. Her Purple Majesty, of the Whores of a Different Color
  873. Sr. Hera C Dunn
  874. Sr. Hera Tech (dirivaion of the existing Hera Tick)
  875. Sr. Hera Tick (spelled Hera Tique in SF)
  876. Sr. Hera Win
  877. Sr. Hesey Fitt  
  878. Sr. Heidi Sausage
  879. Sr. Heidie the Ho
  880. Sr. Hextra Special
  881. Sr. Hey Lucy Naygen
  882. Sr. Hi Ho the Mary Ho
  883. Sr. Hilaria Noir
  884. Sr. Hilde Frock, for no particular reason
  885. Sr. Hippy Camp-Us, the nun hung like a sea horse
  886. Sr. Hira Callins
  887. Sr. Hobby Slobby
  888. Sr. Hocus-Ann Pocus
  889. Sr. Hol 'i One
  890. Sr. Holly Day Fiasco
  891. Sr. Holly Grail
  892. Sr. Holly Mackerel
  893. Sr. Holly Peña Poppers
  894. Sr. Holly R. Thanthou
  895. Sr. Holy Cowabunga  
  896. Sr. Holy Ho'ly Whole-Y 
  897. Sr. Holy See, Holy Do
  898. Sr. Holy, Sheep of God  
  899. Sr. Honey Pied
  900. Sr. Honna Roll
  901. Sr. Honore Balsacs
  902. Sr. Honor Knees  (Sr. Honor Neesalot in Palmspring)
  903. Sr. Hope Scotch  
  904. Sr. Hope To It  
  905. Sr. WhoreTense 
  906. Sr. Hosanna Bunn  
  907. Sr. HotTea and Sympathy
  908. Sr. Hottie Nuff
  909. Sr. Hotona Manhunt
  910. Sr. Hurley Insults
  911. Sr. Icansi' the Whore Rizin'
  912. Sr. I Luv the Damned
  913. Sr. Ida Dunim
  914. Sr. Ida Ho
  915. Sr. Ida Hunch
  916. Sr. Idie A Mean Mothafuca
  917. Sr. Idol of the Idle
  918. Sr. IKnow, Ida'Ho
  919. Sr. Ileen of the Broken Stiletto  
  920. Sr. Ima Franboise
  921. Sr. Ima Jean Nation
  922. Sr. Imagene World Peace
  923. Sr. Imelda Markdown   
  924. Sr. Imma Nunn, Trust Me  
  925. Sr. Imapatience Izzy Virtue
  926. Sr. Imprudence
  927. Sr. Infie Dell, the Godless Goddess
  928. Sr. Infidela de Heathens
  929. Sr. In-Joy
  930. Sr. In Spiritu Sanctimonious
  931. Sr. Inda Darkshadows
  932. Sr. Inda Navy
  933. Sr. Indie Goda Devida
  934. Sr. Insacia Belle
  935. Sr. Insidious Fashion
  936. Sr. Into the Freya
  937. Sr. Iona Blackcat  
  938. Sr. Iona Man   
  939. Sr. Iona Whip
  940. Sr. Inyo Dreams
  941. Sr. Iphaginia in Brooklin  
  942. Sr. Ira Tate
  943. Sr. Iraina On Parade
  944. Sr. Iris To The Occasion
  945. Sr. Irmgard, es Irmgard! Goddess of War (on diction)
  946. Sr. Isabella Liberty
  947. Sr. Isadora Bull  
  948. Sr. Isis Inerveins
  949. Sr. iThot Unew (I was a slut)
  950. Iva GoodIdea
  951. Sr. Iva Secret
  952. Sr. Ivonna Big Blackhawk
  953. Sr. Ivory Tower
  954. Sr. Izzy Fa King Crazy
  955. Sr. Jacquina Pulpit
  956. Sr. Jade Ed  
  957. Sr. Jane Bond, Double Oh Heven  
  958. Sr. Jane Doe, a Dear, a Female Dear! (Jane Doh! of SF)
  959. Sr. Jane Fonda-Peters
  960. Sr. Jane Ism
  961. Sr. Jane Seemore Butts  
  962. Sr. Janet, Damit 
  963. Sr. Janus Against Them
  964. Sr. Janus Toofaced
  965. Sr. Jean Ripper 
  966. Sr. Jeez Louise
  967. Sr. Jello? lzme
  968. Sr. Jenn Der Neutral
  969. Sr. Jenna Tails
  970. Sr. Jennifer Wrent
  971. Sr. JenniFur Suit
  972. Sr. Jenny Side
  973. Sr. Jenny Sis
  974. Sr. Jenny Talia
  975. Sr. Jewel of Denial
  976. Sr. Jewels Fern
  977. Sr. Jihada Love
  978. Sr. Joan of Arcane
  979. Sr. Joan of Dark
  980. Sr. Joan of Snark
  981. Sr. Joan the Army  
  982. Sr. Joan the Party  
  983. Sr. Joesaphina Barbie Doll  
  984. Sr. Jocelyn Butts  
  985. Sr. Jocelyn Wiggs
  986. Sr. Johnie Cumback
  987. Sr. Jordan Rivers
  988. Sr. Joy de Vie
  989. Sr. Joy Ryder
  990. Sr. Joy Stick
  991. Sr. Juazina Bigbeaute'
  992. Sr. Judy Jitzu
  993. Sr. Jukke Box
  994. Sr. Juiliet Pork
  995. Sr. Julie Andrew's Cross
  996. Sr. Julie Art Teasian
  997. Sr. Juliet of the 151 Spirits
  998. Sr. June Needaman
  999. Sr. Juno Shegoes Alldaway
  1000. Sr. Juno What I Mean?
  1001. Sr. Kali Flower
  1002. Sr. Karena Lynn
  1003. Sr. Karma Electric
  1004. Sr. Karma Lite
  1005. Sr. Karma-Sue Tra  
  1006. Sr. Karma Obscura
  1007. Sr. Karmin Sutra
  1008. Sr. Karen Little
  1009. Sr. Kate Bushfire
  1010. Sr. Katherine Hartburn
  1011. Sr. Kattiedid Dirty Deads
  1012. Sr. Kay Diddle Diddle
  1013. Sr. Kay Os-o-lot
  1014. Sr. Kay Thulu (Sister Kay Thulu Sera Sera of SF)
  1015. Sr. Kel Supriz!
  1016. Sr. Kelley Greenenvy
  1017. Sr. Kirsten Damned
  1018. Sr. Kilda Wabbit
  1019. Sr. Killa Instinct
  1020. Sr. Killa Wail
  1021. Sr. Kikina Child
  1022. Sr. Kinda Dirty
  1023. Sr. Kinda Gartner
  1024. Sr. Kiss Ace
  1025. Sr. Kissandra Lips
  1026. Sr. Kissa Myenda
  1027. Sr. Kitten Kabootle (Abbey of St Joan)
  1028. Sr. Kitty Kism (Russian River)
  1029. Sr. Kim Burly
  1030. Sr. Kizmet Tush
  1031. Sr. Krako Dawn
  1032. Sr. Kris Mass
  1033. Sr. KrisTall Mighty of the Towering Virtues
  1034. Sr. Kristen Dunce
  1035. Sr. Lacy Unmentionable
  1036. Sr. Lacretia Borzois  
  1037. Sr. Lady Killa
  1038. Sr. LaFern N. Squirrelly
  1039. Sr. Laku Caracha
  1040. Sr. Landa Milken Honey
  1041. Sr. Lanna Goshen
  1042. Sr. Lassie the Moneyshot
  1043. Sr. Latrina de Guttersnipe
  1044. Sr. Lavender Sashay
  1045. Sr. Lay Ya
  1046. Sr. Leda Horse Dewater
  1047. Sr. Leica Hoover
  1048. Sr. Lena Horny
  1049. Sr. Leona Davenport
  1050. Sr. Lecivia Vice
  1051. Sr. Leia Virgin
  1052. Sr. Leslie Via the Backdoor
  1053. Sr. Lettuce Dogood
  1054. Sr. Lettuce Pray
  1055. Sr. Levina Glittertrail
  1056. Sr. Libatias Maxima
  1057. Sr. Liberty Ferrall
  1058. Sr. Libby Ido
  1059. Sr. Libertina Freedom
  1060. Sr. Lickity Spit  
  1061. Sr. Lida Doobie
  1062. Sr. Liela Karug
  1063. Sr. Lika Bad Penny
  1064. Sr. Lika Brooke Wall
  1065. Sr. Like Pearl Before Shrine
  1066. Sr. Liken Woofymen  
  1067. Sr. Lil Deville
  1068. Sr. Lil Horny
  1069. Sr. Lilla This, Nun a' That
  1070. Sr. Limone Pledj
  1071. Sr. Linda Hand 
  1072. Sr. Linda Mia Fiver 
  1073. Sr. Ling Ling Bling Bling
  1074. Sr. Little Debbie Ho Ho
  1075. Sr. Little Mary Nunshine
  1076. Sr. The Little Furmaid
  1077. Sr. Little Red Riding Crop
  1078. Sr. Lois Carmen Denominator  
  1079. Sr. Lois theycome  
  1080. Sr. Lona Ona Friday Night
  1081. Sr. London Derriere
  1082. Sr. Longerie Noir   
  1083. Sr. Lorainne Tackle
  1084. Sr. Lorda Bove
  1085. Sr. Lordie Lu In Leu of Faboo (Lordie Lulu)
  1086. Sr. Lorna Doom
  1087. Sr. Lost Sole 
  1088. Sr. Lotus Hit
  1089. Sr. Lotta Crapolla
  1090. Sr. LOTTA XS
  1091. Sr. Lottie Dah (aka Sr. Phylis Stein)
  1092. Sr. Lov eDict
  1093. Sr. Luvina Bunn Facial
  1094. Sr. Lovinda Convent
  1095. Sr. Luce Cannon
  1096. Sr. Lucking Fovely
  1097. Sr. Lucky Stikes Again 
  1098. Sr. Lucinda Streets
  1099. Sr. Lucy Anna Purchase  
  1100. Sr. Lucy Tainia
  1101. Sr. Ludi Chris
  1102. Sr. Lula Belltaine
  1103. Sr. Lully Bi
  1104. Sr. Lunicia of the Out of Order
  1105. Sr. Lucinda Streets
  1106. Sr. Ludi Kriss
  1107. Sr. Luna Tech
  1108. Sr. Lustina Niceway
  1109. Sr. Luvin Haight
  1110. Sr. Luvinthia Tension
  1111. Sr. Lyka Virgin
  1112. Sr. Lyra Lyra, Pants on Fyra
  1113. Sr. Lyra Tahotie
  1114. Sr. M. Appeal
  1115. Sr Ma Brahman Mahead
  1116. Sr. Ma Haha-Raja
  1117. Sr. Mabel Lean Cheeks
  1118. Sr. Macadamia, the Sweetest Nut You've Ever Tasted
  1119. Sr. Macha Picachu
  1120. Sr. Macy Miracles
  1121. Sr. Mada Steele
  1122. Sr. Madanna on the Rocks, With a Twist
  1123. Sr. Madge In World Harmony
  1124. Sr. Madge iNation
  1125. Sr. Magdalene, the Sweet Tart
  1126. Sr. Magent er Lady, of the Whores of a Different Color
  1127. Sr. Mahalo Head
  1128. Sr. Makin Prophet
  1129. Sr. Malice in Wonerland
  1130. Sr. Malicity
  1131. Sr. Maligna Reputation
  1132. Sr. Malisa Forethought 
  1133. Sr. Man Maid Goddess 
  1134. Sr. Man Mantra 
  1135. Sr. Manda Ride
  1136. Sr. Mara Buddha Cosmic Fluff
  1137. Sr. Marcia Marsh-ya Mars-yeah
  1138. Sr. Marcia Mellow
  1139. Sr. Margarita Makes the Sonrise
  1140. Sr. Margarita Ondarox
  1141. Sr. Margarita Wallbanger
  1142. Sr. Margo Stuffyaself
  1143. Sr. Maria Bigman 
  1144. Sr. Marian the Libertarian
  1145. Sr. Marian Trench, there's nun deeper!
  1146. Sr. Marietta Lotta Peters
  1147. Sr. Marigold Finger
  1148. Sr. Marilyn Man-hoe
  1149. Sr. Marina A-Hoe-ey
  1150. Sr. Marina Safeway  
  1151. Sr. Mariposa Samosa, the Liquor Butterfly
  1152. Sr. Mariweather the Storm      
  1153. Sr. Marlena Dicktrick 
  1154. Sr. Marry merry Mary, Mary!
  1155. Sr. Marta Damn
  1156. Sr. Marti Gras Faux Pas
  1157. Sr. Martina Luther Queen
  1158. Sr. Mary Alice Divine, M.A.D.  
  1159. Sr. Mary Fagdelena  
  1160. Sr. Mary Guana
  1161. Sr. Mary Hartburn, Mary Hartburn!
  1162. Sr. Mary Iguana
  1163. Sr. Mary Kay La Cima
  1164. Sr. Mary Love  
  1165. Sr. Mary Popinswish  
  1166. Sr. Mary Ralph Lauren (I just added the Lauren)
  1167. Sr. Mary Un Faithful  
  1168. Sr. Mary, Margaret, June & July
  1169. Sr. Mary, Qué?
  1170. Sr. Mary, Queen of Shots   
  1171. Sr. Mary, the Devil  
  1172. Sr. Mary, the Not So Virgin  
  1173. Sr. Maryanne Gay
  1174. Sr. MaryMae Himm of the Havoc Habit
  1175. Sr. Mata Harri Krishna
  1176. Sr. Mata SugarAnn Spice
  1177. Sr. Matilda Cows Come Home
  1178. Sr. Maureen Staplegun
  1179. Sr. Mauve Vellous
  1180. Sr. Maxime Overdrive
  1181. Sr. Maxima Pleasure
  1182. Sr. May Larky
  1183. Sr. May Queen Woopi
  1184. Sr. Maya Copa
  1185. Sr. Maya Have Samosa
  1186. Sr. Maya Mirror Baroque
  1187. Sr. Maya Woodrose
  1188. Sr. Mayabad Izabubu
  1189. Sr. MayDay Fairie
  1190. Sr. Mayan Deepshit?
  1191. Sr. mayRe Joyce
  1192. Sr. Maxime M. Thrust
  1193. Sr. Mea Copa Cabana [spoken for]
  1194. Sr. Mecca Mesa Everything
  1195. Sr. Meelinda, Utarzan
  1196. Sr. Meg O'lamaniac  
  1197. Sr. Megan Whoopy
  1198. Sr. Mel Ting, the Ice Queen
  1199. Sr. Meme In St. Luis
  1200. Sr. Menage Ottowa
  1201. Sr. Mercedes Benzover (Mercedes Bendover in SF)
  1202. Sr. Merci Nary
  1203. Sr. Mercy Beau Coo
  1204. Sr. Merlot Thomas, That Nun!
  1205. Sr. Merry Mi Richman
  1206. Sr. The Merryin Fidel
  1207. Sr. Mescalina
  1208. Sr. Mess America
  1209. Sr. Mia Love Wang
  1210. Sr. Mia Mio
  1211. Sr. Miasma Attack
  1212. Sr. Midi Veil
  1213. Sr. Mildred Pierced
  1214. Sr. Milka Joke
  1215. Sr. Millie Ann Heiress
  1216. Sr. Millie Terrie
  1217. Sr. Mimi Overhere!
  1218. Sr. Minerva Somepeople
  1219. Sr. Mink Flamingos
  1220. Sr. Mink Shall inherit the Earth
  1221. Sr. Mini Happy Returns
  1222. Sr. Minn Rod
  1223. Sr. Mira Mira Ondawall (Spelled Meira Meira in SF)
  1224. Sr. Miranda Rights of Spring
  1225. Sr. Miriam Rich
  1226. Sr. Missy Beehaven
  1227. Sr. Missy Man
  1228. Sr. Misty Crystal Balls
  1229. Sr. Moan Cherry
  1230. Sr. Moda Harra Ci'   
  1231. Sr. Modesty Pays  
  1232. Sr. Moemoe Mimosas
  1233. Sr. Mohamed Moses Buddha Shiva  
  1234. Sr. Molly Coddlefondle
  1235. Sr. Mommon Pop  
  1236. Sr. Monica Lewdinski
  1237. Sr. Mona Ja'twa (Courtesy Rom Brafman)
  1238. Sr. Monna Louda
  1239. Sr. Moo Lonn Rouge, the Sacred Cow
  1240. Sr. Morning Glory, Hole-istic Healing
  1241. Sr. Morning Star
  1242. Sr. Mother Fulker 
  1243. Sr. Mothra Stewart
  1244. Sr. Mountina Joyboy
  1245. Sr. Mpress N. Noone
  1246. Sr, Muffin Pounder
  1247. Sr. Muffy Bedwell  
  1248. Sr. Muffy What!?
  1249. Sr. Muse Zing Myself
  1250. Sr. My Paris Perfect
  1251. Sr. Mytha Creation
  1252. Sr. Mythica l'Occation
  1253. Sr. Nailina Cross
  1254. Sr. Nancy Boi Crazy
  1255. Sr. Nancy Sinultra "These boots were made for lick'n"
  1256. Sr. Nada Virgina Christina [assisted with the name]
  1257. Sr. Narcotia
  1258. Sr. Nastia Kinksky
  1259. Sr. Naughty Hardwood
  1260. Sr. NealAnn Bob
  1261. Sr. NecroNancy, Dark Mistress of the Ohh Cult
  1262. Sr. Nefertiti Twister
  1263. Sr. Nefr Titty
  1264. Sr. Negra Raithbone
  1265. Sr. Nellie Execution, the Gal O' Humor (co-authored with Agnes)
  1266. Sr. Nelly Butcher
  1267. Sr. Nema Siss
  1268. Sr. Nero To God
  1269. Sr. Nevar Redi
  1270. Sr. Nita Jock
  1271. Sr. Nona Thing
  1272. Sr. Nora Innocent
  1273. Sr. Nosferra Tutu  
  1274. Sr. Notina Fortnight
  1275. Sr. Nouveau Bitche  
  1276. Sr. Nudie 2 Shoes  
  1277. Sr. Nun Too Suttle 
  1278. Sr. Nunetta Monkfish
  1279. Sr. Nunna That
  1280. Sr. Nunya Business
  1281. Sr. Nut Meg
  1282. Sr. Nya Lation
  1283. Sr. Nymph O'mania
  1284. Sr. Odetta 2 Society
  1285. Sr. Oleander Spice
  1286. Sr. Olivia Neutron, the Bomb (Sister Oblivia Neutron Bomb in The Abbey of St Joan)
  1287. Sr. Olympia Do Cock Us
  1288. Sr. Olympia Ideal
  1289. Sr. Olivia Life To the Fullest
  1290. Sr. Onda Cross
  1291. Sr. Onna Highnote (Daughter of DE)
  1292. Sr. Onya Knees!
  1293. Oona Mas Hombre
  1294. Sr. Ophilia Upp  
  1295. Sr. Opra Haus
  1296. Sr. Opulanta Deluge
  1297. Sr. Orgina Backroom
  1298. Sr. Oui, Oui!
  1299. Sr. Ouija Broad
  1300. Sr. Our Lady of Guadalcanal  
  1301. Sr. Over Velma
  1302. Sr. Paige, Oh the Covenant!
  1303. Sr. Pomona Sousaphona, the Abundantly Fruity
  1304. Sr. Panacea Tranquility
  1305. Sr. Pandorable
  1306. Sr. Parah Salin
  1307. Sr. Pate' Labelle
  1308. Sr. Pasty Dee Kline
  1309. Sr. Patina Firmbottom
  1310. Sr. Patina Green3
  1311. Sr. Patty Beefcake, the Baker's Man
  1312. Sr. Patty Foys Grass
  1313. Sr. Patty Hurts
  1314. Sr. Patty Larceny
  1315. Sr. Pauleen Menastray
  1316. Sr. Pax Heat
  1317. Sr. Pazuzu Zuul
  1318. Sr. Peaches N. Regalia (admittedly stolen from Frank Zappa)
  1319. Sr. Peara Duces
  1320. Sr. Pearl E. Gates
  1321. Sr. Pearl Lee-White
  1322. Sr. Pearla Great Vice
  1323. Sr. Pedmie Panz Dragon
  1324. Sr. Peg N. Ritual
  1325. Sr. Petra Cora
  1326. Sr. Penis De Milo
  1327. Sr. Penni Guinn
  1328. Sr. Pergie Tory
  1329. Sr. Peri Helion
  1330. Sr. Perrier Thrust
  1331. Sr. Pepper Potts
  1332. Sr. Perky Le' (more funny if you know Finnish)
  1333. Sr. Perla Great Vice
  1334. Sr. Pesca Fresca
  1335. Sr. Pessy Mystic
  1336. Sr. Phaedra Black
  1337. Sr. Phara Mona Lisa
  1338. Sr. Phyllis Balls  
  1339. Sr. Phyllis Shaft
  1340. Sr. Piña Carlotta
  1341. Sr. Pigletta Dirtylife
  1342. Sr. Pinky Blewboy
  1343. Sr. Pithy Comeback  
  1344. Sr. Plethora Delights
  1345. Sr. Pocahotass
  1346. Sr. Poise'n Grace
  1347. Sr. Polly Ester Williams
  1348. Sr. Poly Nesia
  1349. Sr. Pontif Kate
  1350. Sr. Poppy Cock
  1351. Sr. Pork Eclair
  1352. Sr. Porkrind Sherbet
  1353. Sr. Porche Shit
  1354. Sr. Porcina Toomuch
  1355. Sr. Posie Picture Perfect
  1356. Sr. Pre-Madonna Sarchasm, P.M.S.
  1357. Sr. Precious Lil Mofo
  1358. Sr. Precocious Psychosis
  1359. Sr. Priscilla Cybin
  1360. Sr. Prime Eve El Diablo
  1361. Sr. Princess Albert
  1362. Sr. Princess And the Pee
  1363. Sr. Princess Rawhide
  1364. Sr. Pretty-Wicked, Evil never looked so good!
  1365. Sr. Prosperina Hardtimes
  1366. Sr. Pocahotass
  1367. Sr. Procrasta Nadder
  1368. Sr. Profania Gawdamya
  1369. Sr. Psalm Bodyelse
  1370. Sr. Psila Cybin
  1371. Sr. Pumps Galore
  1372. Sr. Purdey Daft
  1373. Sr. Pudding Itin
  1374. Sr. Pushin' Boots
  1375. Sr. Pussy de Flambe'
  1376. Sr. Puta On The Ritz
  1377. Sr. Psycho Delia
  1378. Sr. Pync Pussycat, of the Whores of a Different Color
  1379. Sr. Quaker Up Early
  1380. Sr. qUEENofARTS
  1381. Sr. Queen Feraday
  1382. Sr. Queen of the Promulgate
  1383. Sr. Queernaviere, the Shady Lady of the Lake
  1384. Sr. Questa the Holy Gurrl
  1385. Sr. Quiche Myass
  1386. Sr. Rachhell
  1387. Sr. Radical-Ida Ology
  1388. Sr. Ragna Rock
  1389. Sr. Raith-Hell Ray
  1390. Sr. Randi Beaver
  1391. Sr. Randi Candi
  1392. Sr. Rae Incarnate
  1393. Sr. Rapacious Rapture
  1394. Sr. Rave'N
  1395. Sr. Raven Lunatic
  1396. Sr. Raspberry L'Man-aide
  1397. Sr. Razormaid
  1398. Sr. Ray Lyeh
  1399. Sr. Raya Moonshine
  1400. Sr. Raelynn Against Bigotry
  1401. Sr. Red Drum
  1402. Sr. Reeda Goodbook
  1403. Sr. Regina Devastation
  1404. Sr. Regina Permagnus
  1405. Sr. Renda Sunder
  1406. Sr. Reno Poker-Slots
  1407. Sr. Revolta The People
  1408. Sr. Reya Britha de Reincarnate
  1409. Sr. Reyna Gaid
  1410. Sr. Rhoda Enlightenment (Abbey of St Joan)
  1411. Sr. Rhoda Hardbuck
  1412. Sr. Rhoda Hardwood
  1413. Sr. Rhoda Nowhere
  1414. Sr. Rhoda Perdition
  1415. Sr. Rhonda Back
  1416. Sr. Rhonda Lay
  1417. Sr. Rictoria Vegina
  1418. Sr. Riva Styx
  1419. Sr. Robyn De Cradle  
  1420. Sr. Rolinda Hey [Postulant Rolinda in SF]
  1421. Sr. Rosaline ta Cross
  1422. Sr. Rosanne Rose O'Shoes
  1423. Sr. Rose to the Occasion
  1424. Sr. Rosy Disposetion
  1425. Sr. Ryann Scotch
  1426. Sr. Roseanne Hard
  1427. Sr. Rosebutt  
  1428. Sr. Rosemary's Blabby, the Whore of Babble On
  1429. Sr. Rowina Dingy
  1430. Sr. Royale Payne
  1431. Sr. Ruby Redrum 
  1432. Sr. Rula The World
  1433. Sr. Ruth Leslie Cunning
  1434. Sr. Rhymes Against Nature
  1435. Sr. SaaSsy (Sarcasm as a Service)
  1436. Sr. Sacha Trollop
  1437. Sr. Sacralicious, the Deseret Desert
  1438. Sr. Sacra-mental Whine
  1439. Sr. Sacred Heart on
  1440. Sr. Sacrina the Psudo-sweet
  1441. Sr. SaffrOn Fire
  1442. Sr. Saffr-on Topp
  1443. Sr. Saint Thomas a Queen amongst Us  
  1444. Sr. Saint Titty
  1445. Sr. Saki Tumi
  1446. Sr. Sai Grace
  1447. Sr. Sal Lubrious
  1448. Sr. Saline ta Paradise
  1449. Sr. Salmonbeary Jam
  1450. Sr. Salome 'n Rye, of the Dark Spirits
  1451. Sr. Sally Forth
  1452. Sr. Sally Tations
  1453. Sr. SaMantha Tsinadress
  1454. Sr. San Francesca
  1455. Sr. Sanctus Dominae Trix
  1456. Sr. Sandy Claws
  1457. Sr. Sandy Knickers  
  1458. Sr. SaphFire Ann Brimstone
  1459. Sr Sarah Heartburn
  1460. Sr. Sarah Madre
  1461. Sr. Sarah Monet
  1462. Sr. Sarah Moniz
  1463. Sr. Sarah Pale Lynn
  1464. Sr. Sauronda
  1465. Sr. Sasha Squatch
  1466. Sr. Savanna Rola [Savanarola Was a zelous monk that nearly destroyed the Italian Renaissance]
  1467. Sr. Say-Luvi C'est la vie
  1468. Sr. Savior Ass  (Saint Saviour Ass)
  1469. Sr. Scarlett Jopantsem
  1470. Sr. Scarlett Letter  
  1471. Sr. Schitszophrenia of the Out of Order
  1472. Sr. Scholasica Procrastica [Oxford Order]
  1473. Sr. Seconda Cumming
  1474. Sr. Sedona Happy Face!
  1475. Sr. Sedussa Mormon
  1476. Sr. See Donna Cox
  1477. Sr. Selma Hyjack
  1478. Sr. Sera Galio [a Seragalio Is the Name a Harem's Quarters]
  1479. Sr. Serena Coma
  1480. Sr. Serena Lakeview
  1481. Sr. Serenity Shattered
  1482. Sr. Serra Femm Fatale
  1483. Sr. Servina Machoman
  1484. Sr. Selma Butt
  1485. Sr. Seventh Day In Venice
  1486. Sr. Shaka Baby
  1487. Sr. Shaker Buttie
  1488. Sr. Shamrocks The World!
  1489. Sr. Shaquina Hinny
  1490. Sr. Sheez Harry's Odd
  1491. Sr. Shel Ohm
  1492. Sr. Shorta Perfection, Nun the Less
  1493. Sr. Sellinia Farlirytail
  1494. Sr. Sentra Mental
  1495. Sr. Shelly de Bomb
  1496. Sr. Shirley Temple-Black-Hart
  1497. Sr. Shirley, Temple of Doom
  1498. Sr. Shirley Huejeste
  1499. Sr. Shirley-Yukon B. Sirius
  1500. Sr. Shiraz Burnheart
  1501. Sr. Shiva Ann Shake
  1502. Sr. Shurie Balz
  1503. Sr. Sic. Sick Six Humor
  1504. Sr. Simba, the Lie'n Queen
  1505. Sr. Sin D. innocent
  1506. Sr. Sin Phony
  1507. Sr. Sin Francisco
  1508. Sr. Sin Serah Lee
  1509. Sr. Sin-Thea
  1510. Sr. Sin-A-Mann
  1511. Sr. Sindee Jour
  1512. Sr. Sinner Ella
  1513. Sr. Sinply Divine
  1514. Sr. Sinza Gainstnature
  1515. Sr. Siren Bastards
  1516. Sr. SirMan of Assorted Sins
  1517. Sr. Sissy A. Sinner OraSaint
  1518. Sr. Sissy Fuss of the Big Bolders
  1519. Sr. Sistah
  1520. Sr. Sisterbing Depravure
  1521. Sr. Skanks for the tip!
  1522. Sr. Skella Tina
  1523. Sr. Sleezus Kryst
  1524. Sr. Slickann Gracie
  1525. Sr. Slo-Ann le Zee
  1526. Sr. Snipples
  1527. Sr. Sno Virgin
  1528. Sr. Snow Wait Amen It
  1529. Sr. Snow White-Trash
  1530. Sr. Snowball Lynn
  1531. Sr. Sodom My Sisters
  1532. Sr. Soma Licious
  1533. Sr. Somanie Men
  1534. Sr. Some Young Moonbeam
  1535. Sr. Sommer Over the Rainbow  
  1536. Sr. Sommer Whittier
  1537. Sr. Sonja B. With God
  1538. Sr. Sophia Moric
  1539. Sr. Soula Fire
  1540. Sr. S'no Angel
  1541. Sr. Snow White Explosion
  1542. Sr. Spamela Anderson
  1543. Sr. Spankee Ann Our Gang. BANG!
  1544. Sr. Spiritney Beers
  1545. Sr. Starina B-Movie
  1546. Sr. Stella by Starfight
  1547. Sr. Stella Event
  1548. Sr. Stella Flair
  1549. Sr. Stormy Pleather
  1550. Sr. Stumblina Gosplatt
  1551. Sr. Sue Casa Mikasa
  1552. Sr. Sue Mac Rash
  1553. Sr. Sue Real Visions
  1554. Sr. Sue Veneer
  1555. Sr. Sugar Plum Loco
  1556. Sr. Sugar Plump Harry, the Very Hairy Beary Faerie
  1557. Sr. Sugarbush Pretty/Sweet
  1558. Sr. Sumi Cum Louda
  1559. Sr. Summer, Better Than Others
  1560. Sr. Sup Hose?
  1561. Sr. Super Cala Fraja Bitchstik Expiating Ala Douches
  1562. Sr. Surrealia Mind
  1563. Sr. Surley Temple
  1564. Sr. Susan Suranwarp
  1565. Sr. Susie Pew
  1566. Br. Stalin Furtime
  1567. Sr. Staypuff
  1568. Sr. Stawberry Shortbus
  1569. Sr. Strawhairy Hotcakes
  1570. Sr. Stika Socknit
  1571. Sr. Styx Ann Stoners
  1572. Sr. Swanabi Famous, of the Eternal Pretensions
  1573. Sr. Sweet & Low of the Sacrin Vows  
  1574. Sr. Sweet Marryanne Joseph!
  1575. Sr. Sweet Pee
  1576. Sr. Sweet Sextin'
  1577. Sr. Sweetfire Of Yore Desire
  1578. Sr. Sweetness Ann Blight
  1579. Sr. Sweets Galore
  1580. Sr. Sybil Libertease [Liberties was my spelling]
  1581. Sr. SynergySpot
  1582. Sr. Synner Geez
  1583. Sr. Tabootha
  1584. Sr Taffy Duh Crinoline
  1585. Sr. Takalata Bull
  1586. Sr. Takina Vantage of the Moral Highground
  1587. Sr. Tamara Won't Cum Soon Enough
  1588. Sr. Tammy Bae Faker
  1589. Sr. Tammy Lane Kahn
  1590.  Sr. Tanya Hyde
  1591. Sr. Tara Boom Dee, Yay! [Tara Boom Diay Convent of Dun Eideann]
  1592. Sr. Tea Recks
  1593. Sr. Teague Earl
  1594. Sr. Teal We Meat Again, of the Whores of a Different Color
  1595. Sr. Tellus Moore
  1596. Sr. Tempa Mental
  1597. Sr. Temple Sturgeons
  1598. Sr. Templinda Mountains
  1599. Sr. Temperance Begone
  1600. Sr. Temperance Tantrum
  1601. Sr. Temptation of Crust, the Well Bread
  1602. Sr. Tera Hick
  1603. Sr. Tera Phallos
  1604. Sr. Tera-Gone Wilde
  1605. Sr. Teresa Lineage
  1606. Sr. Teresa Pink Triangle
  1607. Sr. Terri Yaki
  1608. Sr. Terra Firma Butkissa
  1609. Sr. Terri Fy, the Child of God
  1610. Sr. Terror Incognita
  1611. Sr. Tess Tostorone
  1612. Sr. The Capistrano Swallows
  1613. Sr. The Luna See
  1614. Sr. The Malls of Jerico
  1615. Sr. The Spider Woman's Daughter (Native American Lore reference)
  1616. Sr. The Stations of the Crossed Over  
  1617. Sr. The Virgin Fairy  
  1618. Sr. Thea s shole
  1619. Sr. Thia No Evil  
  1620. Sr. Three Musky Tears   
  1621. Sr. Three Penny Oprah
  1622. Sr. Tia Maria Frangelico, the Intoxicatingly Sweet
  1623. Sr. Tiffany Sacks Macy's
  1624. Sr. Tiffany Obsession
  1625. Sr. Til Deaf dous Part, of the Four Whore'smen of the Apocolysp
  1626. Sr. Tink Global Lee
  1627. Sr. TinkerBeltane, The Radical Blue Fairie (exact name to follow)
  1628. Sr. Tipper Over 
  1629. Sr. Tira Knee
  1630. Sr. Tira Me Sue
  1631. Sr. Titus they Come  
  1632. Sr. Tobie Determined (Postulant in SF)
  1633. Sr. Toccata 'N Fugue with D-Major. The Organ Specialist
  1634. Sr. Too Too...
  1635. Sr. Toot Uncommon
  1636. Sr. Tootsie Pop Wunderlich
  1637. Sr. Toungue in Chic
  1638. Sr. Tourina Sedan  
  1639. Sr. (don't) Toya Myafections
  1640. Sr. Trampa Bay
  1641. Sr. Trampa Lynn
  1642. Sr. Traina Clarksville
  1643. Sr. Trans-Sister  
  1644. Sr. Trans-Zen Dental Medication
  1645. Sr. Travestie Absurdia of the Daughters of Parody
  1646. Sr. Trendina Tovice
  1647. Sr. Trendy Jour
  1648. Sr. Trina Dad
  1649. Sr. Trinidaddy's Boy
  1650. Sr. Trite & True
  1651. Sr. Trivia Fursuits
  1652. Sr. Truck Stop   
  1653. Sr. Trudy Lite
  1654. Sr. Trudy Ville
  1655. Sr. Truly de Base
  1656. Sr. Tuesday Phat
  1657. Sr. Tulip Trumpet
  1658. Sr. Tulip Mangina Trumpet Flower
  1659. Sr. Twilla Zone
  1660. Sr. Twina Rockana Hardplace
  1661. Sr. TwoLips Ann Moore
  1662. Sr. Umami Sofat
  1663. Sr. Una Momento Mori
  1664. Sr. Unice Cycle of Life
  1665. Sr. Unita Clue  
  1666. Sr. Unita Life
  1667. Sr. Urania on my Parade
  1668. Sr. Urina Notherworld
  1669. Sr. Ursaline Injection
  1670. Sr. Uriel Lee Slayme!
  1671. Sr. User Friendly
  1672. Sr. Ulta Madam de Warron Fashion
  1673. Sr. Vega Ann Confusing
  1674. Sr. Val Hala
  1675. Sr. Val Kerri
  1676. Sr. Valerie DickTorian
  1677. Sr. Vallerie Valdara, Valdara Ha Ha Ha
  1678. Sr. Vanilla IceQueen Sundie
  1679. Sr. Vannesa Market
  1680. Sr. Vanity Fairie
  1681. Sr. Vaporella
  1682. Sr. Varla Tessa
  1683. Sr. Vatie Cann
  1684. Sr. Vee China Syndrom
  1685. Sr. Velma Dear
  1686. Sr. Venus de Milo Stanards
  1687. Sr. Venus Envy  (Orlando Sisters)
  1688. Sr. Veronica Speedwell
  1689. Sr. Vesper Secrets
  1690. Sr. Vestal Virginia
  1691. Sr. Vee China Syndrom
  1692. Sr. Vicky Veil a Tears
  1693. Sr. Victoria Celebration
  1694. Sr. Victoria Secrete
  1695. Sr. Victoria Stations of the Cross
  1696. Sr. Villainy Whiplash
  1697. Sr. Viola de Gumbo
  1698. Sr. Vira Lent
  1699. Sr. Virgin'ya Right
  1700. Sr. Virginia Wolf At the Door  
  1701. Sr. Virginia Wolf in Lamb of God's Clothing of the Isle of Ewe
  1702. Sr. Vissa Virsatile
  1703. Sr. Visalia The Golden Gate
  1704. Sr. Vivien Westworld
  1705. Sr. Vixen Mein Heir  
  1706. Sr. Vodoo You Think You Are?
  1707. Sr. Vonda Luce Indacity
  1708. Sr. Vox Homo
  1709. Sr. Wai Ling Wahl
  1710. Sr. Wanda Jeans Down
  1711. Sr. Wanda N' Bubbles
  1712. Sr. Wanda Moremen  
  1713. Sr. Wanda Porshe  
  1714. Sr. Wanda Realmann  
  1715. Sr. Wanda Vie Knott
  1716. Sr. Water Into Swine
  1717. Sr. Wayda Nirvana
  1718. Sr. War the Boyzare, of the Four Whore'smen of the Apocolysp
  1719. Sr. Welcome Homo
  1720. Sr. Wench Way Did They Go?, of the Fabled Land of Cumalot
  1721. Sr. Wendy City   
  1722. Sr. Wendy Shark Bites
  1723. Sr. Werrin, the Hell
  1724. Sr. What Ava
  1725. Sr. Where Angeles Fear To Bed
  1726. Sr. Which Hazel?
  1727. Sr. Whine Ann Spirits
  1728. Sr. Whistling Dicksee
  1729. Sr. Whore-us, Goddess of Negotiable Affections
  1730. Sr. Whoremonia
  1731. Sr. WHoror Hero
  1732. Sr. Whorer Show
  1733. Sr. Why MCA?
  1734. Sr. Wiccan Bea Heroes
  1735. Sr. Wild Bell Hiscock
  1736. Sr. Wilde-Anni Male
  1737. Sr. Willow God
  1738. Sr. Wilma Dream Cometrue
  1739. Sr. Winda Blows
  1740. Sr. Windy Rosebud of Sneaky Cheeks
  1741. Sr. Windy Stormtrooper
  1742. Sr. Winnie the Shoe-Bear
  1743. Sr.WOMP (Weapon Of Mass Penetration)
  1744. Sr. Wonder Lust  
  1745. Sr. Whoopie's Daisy
  1746. Sr. Worshiping the Loud
  1747. Sr. Wren D'Sunder
  1748. Sr. Wynn Annette Prophet
  1749. Sr. Xena Phylia
  1750. Sr. Xinya In the Buff
  1751. Sr. Xtra Xcess Xtacy
  1752. Sr. Yazmean Bleep Itty Bleep
  1753. Sr. Yelena Drunkensong
  1754. Sr. Yoyo Whatsup
  1755. Sr. Yuba Itch
  1756. Sr. Yuba Stirred
  1757. Sr. Yvette R Believe It!
  1758. Sr. Zelda Farm
  1759. Sr. Zena Tall
  1760. Sr. Zena Whore-ier Princess
  1761. Sr. Zenda Loveletter
  1762. Sr. Zinnia Inda Buff
  1763. Sr. Zion of the Times  
  1764. Sir Cumstance
  1765. Kink Henry VIII
  1766. Saint It Ain't So, Joe't So Joe
  1767. St. Cha Ching Tumi, Sr. Saki and Penny's talented puppy of the above
  1768. St. of the Dark Room
  1769. St. Fur Life
  1770. St. Lucy Fur the Angel Puppy (also Sr. Lucy Furr)
  1771. St. Rich Mogul
  1772. St. Snaps of the Seductive Shutter
  1773. St. Tsu Nami
  1774. St. Will Doo (Anything on stage) 
  1775. Her most wholly Superior, Mother Fuquore 
  1776. The Cuntessa of Vulgaria

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