The Daughters of the Divine Eruption

Convent, Monastery and Brothel of Mt St Helens.


After numerous requests regarding my numerous unique wimples and coronets, I have created a page dedicated solely to the Daughters.

To start, the Daughters are a collective run by Hellen and not a separate 501.c3.  We mostly work within the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc., but occasionally strike out on our own.  Being separate from SPI means we CAN make political statements as a church and can officially support candidates for office as long as we’re identifying as DDE nuns rather than SPI.  The DDE has a long and convoluted history that is intertwined with Hellen’s own sorted record with The Sisters.

You see, back in 1988-89, just after Father Butch (my original personae) first started working with the Sisters and before he officially joined the Order, he was asked to join the Imperial Court of the Lion and the Lady’s cabinet along with his boyfriend at the time, Sister Dana.  For those that aren’t familiar with the Imperial Court System, Emperors and Empresses are publically elected to their title every year.  They in turn appoint a cabinet to help them plan and run events for charity.  Well, as you might imagine, Cabinet members are given titles as well. Princess of Puffy Farts or whatever.  Emperor Jerry and Empress Pat’s mistress of protocol was former Duchess, Miss Piggy.  To put it bluntly, Miss Piggy was one of the most cantankerous drag queens it’s ever been my pleasure to know.  And yes, despite being a total C*NT, I did think of her as a friend.  Anway, at the time, Miss Piggy was not a fan of the Sisters.  It really was only when she found out I was not an actual member that she stopped berating every chance she got.  So, when she was told to create the official Court church for the Sisters, she decided to stir the pot a bit and made Father Butch the head of it over all the Sisters.  Somehow I convinced her to keep that under her wig as being the only male associated with the Order at the time did not necessarily make me popular with them.  Male personae in the SF House were openly discouraged at that time.

Anyway, the official name create by Miss Piggy was The Convent, Monastery and Brothel of Mount Saint Helens.  My official full tile with the Court was Father Butch, Clerk of the Closet and Whip of the Sisters, Head the Imperial Church.  I think the full title was only ever read off once; most of the time I was just the Clerk of the Closet.

At the end of their reign, I asked the Emperor what would happen to the Convent, Monastery and Brothel of Mt St Helens.  I was told it was mine, to do with as I saw fit.  So, as Father Butch, I chose to keep it going and to put Mother Superior Herculaneum (my first drag personae for Halloween 1989) in charge as Superior Mother and acting head of the church.  A year later Sister Hellen Wheels was created to replace Mother H. and she stepped in as the “Acting” Superior Mother as Mother H. technically never retired, just ran off with gang of Buddhist Monks.  A couple years after that and Father Butch retired and gave up all power in the church.  It was then that the name was changed to The Daughters of the Divine Eruption, Convent, Monastery and Brothel of Mt. Saint Helens.  Technically, Herculaneum is still the Superior Mother and head of the Daughters, but she’s unlikely to ever return from Tibet so Hellen is still in charge.

Now as to the wimples/coronets, it should be noted that Hellen was originally created to be a Halloween only personae.  Therefore, she didn’t originally even want to own a SPI wimple, even though Father Butch became a fully professed member.  Hellen enjoyed experiment with different wimples as she wasn’t a fan of what the SF House’s wimple had become.  For one thing, it was too hot!  The most notable creations where the seagull wing coronet, the Hellen’s Halo and the one that I wear most often now, the double mastectomy ear brassieres aka the pharaoh wimple.


In 1995, there were a few of us that were working our ear-boobs off for the House, mostly behind the scenes with little appreciation.  I decided to offer them membership in the Daughters as a reward and recognition that in some ways they were outsiders on the inside.  So, the official Daughters of the Divine Eruption are:

Sister Dana Half Sober aka Sister Dana Van Iquity (my mother in the Order)

Sister Bridget Bordeaux aka Sister Kitty Catalyst (my sibling in the Order)

Sister Pushin’ Boots aka Sister Camille Leon (my confidante in the Order)

 We had a lovely ceremony at the End-Up Bar in SF on New Year’s Eve where Dana, Bridget and Pussy were given Hellen’s Halo wimples.  I should note that Sister Dana was given the very first ever all black wimple.  A year later and I added:

Sister Champain and Suffering aka Saint Andre (my photographic mentor)

And now, after more than 20 years, a sixth Daughter of the Divine Eruption will be announced shortly…

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc. "Ear brasseries" wimples

The "Original" SPI wimple.  The design includes egg-shaped boobs on the side and a cowl neck.  This design is a slightly reduced version of the very first wimples designed in 1980.

This is the mid 90s official design that I wore maybe half a dozen times.

  Hellen's basic black wimple (not sanctioned.)  Co-designed with Sister Phyllis Stein for the 20th Anniversary, 1999. We're both wearing them in the photo.

My overstuffed wimple (Not sanctioned; created by Sister Gladass.) Circa 1994

Daughters of the Divine Eruption wimples and coronets

Below are some of the wimples & coronets designed and created by Sister Hellen Wheels for the Daughters of the Divine Eruption.

The Official DDE Pharaoh or double mastectomy wimple. First worn in 2004

Hellen's Halo is the first official DDE wimple design in 1993.  NOTE: Although the Abbey of St Joan's wimple looks something like this, I don't believe it is actually copied from my design.

The Seagull Coronet build in 1992.

The Vinyl White Wimple, circa 1995

  One-off wimple design for Nunway I, 2009

One-off design for Nunway II, 2010

Simple wimple with cowl from 2010.

The DDE Cowgirl Coronet, circa 2008

The DDE "Pringles" wimple, circa 2003

This is a one-off wimple design for Easter 2018.

  The 2018 mini-pharaoh.

The Halfshell wimple (from Dia de los Muertos 2018.)